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Our story

The mindmaplab is an educational platform where you can get the summarized/simplified form (covering all the areas) of lengthy and complex subjects/chapters which otherwise most of us finds difficult to absorb at the first sight.

Here on mindmaplab everything you read was written by our dedicated team who want to help someone else.

How Mind Mapping helps make things simpler

Mind mapping a topic:

Help stop cramming: Hey book-worms there!!

Mindmaplab is here to help you to stop cramming the books all the day. It will make your life easy by making tough subjects simple. The good thing is you will save enough time for social life too!!

Help retain for longer term: Once a tough topic is simplified using mind mapping it will remain fresh for longer period.

Saves time during revisions: Time management is very important during revision days. Once a topic is mind mapped it will take substantially less time than ordinary cramming method.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

Mindmaplab collaboration with the largest Multiple-choice Questions (MCQs) repository website. MCQs.club you will get exams focus MCQs for FREE!!